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04/09/09 07:05 PM #1    

Sean Wilson

While I assumed some of "us" were no longer around, I was still surprised to see just how many had gone. I remember Dale Golding and the circumstances surrounding his passing. I don't know that I knew all of the details of the accident, but I knew enough to understand why he died.
Of the others that have gone, one name in particular stood out to me- Earl Schuk.
I immediately recognized the name, but the 2 decades of not hearing the name made details fuzzy. Over the course of about 6 hours on the day this site was up and running (06APR09) I literally had "flashes" of memories of Earl.
Most of my memories came from our time at John H. Wood Middle School. I remembered sitting in a "portable", during Health class, with Earl sitting to my right. He was always drumming on stuff! He would always beat on the damn desk; drove me nuckin' futs! ;-) I remembered shaggy black hair. I remembered wrist bands.
I began to piece the memories together, but my failure to recall more details prompted me to search for information on the circumstances of his death.
I was able to find that he died in San Antonio in 2005. Searches for more details were pretty much fruitless. But I did find one more very interesting piece- he played in a band called "Mumbleskinny."
As it happens, Youtube has a clip of a Mumbleskinny performance from January of 1995. Apparently the band opened (probably only locally, as a warm-up to the touring warm-up band) for "Korn, Stone Temple Pilots, Type O Negative, Megadeth, Candlebox, Toadies & Rusted Root."
In the performance, Earl is clearly visible. He's still got the shaggy black hair. The wrist bands are gone, replaced by a red flannel shirt (I know- flannel in the mid 90's?! That's insane!). I have to admit I'm really impressed with his performance! He's not drumming, but he is wailing on the guitar! I'm sure if you knew him in high school, you'll recognize him here (if the link doesn't work):
In the video, his guitar solo (with close up of his hand work) occurs between about 2:18-2:47, then there are two- several second and reasonably close- shots of him between 3:13-3:37.
I'm sorry I couldn't provide more, but maybe it's a starting point for someone closer to San Antonio to do the research. Maybe someone maintained contact with him and knows what happened? Anyway, that's all I've got. Rest in Peace Earl. You'll live on in cyberspace.


04/10/09 10:10 AM #2    

Stacy Taylor (Goren)

Sean, Thank you so much for your post. I too was very sad to hear about Earl and the rest of our classmates that left this world way to soon. I remember Earl very well. He "went with" (as we used to say) one of my best friends back in middle school. I also remember the drumming and the wrist bands. The YouTube post of him was the perfect addition to this website. Thanks again, Stacy

04/11/09 12:26 PM #3    

Wyndi Patton (Charlton)

This came as a big shock...I had no idea Earl passed. Earl and I were pretty close in middle school, but not as much at Madison...he was really busy with his band(s). I rememeber him as an AWESOME guitarist and genuine person. I only saw him randomly after graduating...he always looked exactly the same: long hair, concert or black tee, jeans and combat boots! Well, he's playing somewhere better to a "standing room ONLY" crowd! Rest in peace old friend.
Wyndi Patton-Charlton

04/22/09 05:36 PM #4    

Andrea Gottfried (Salinas)

This is so sad. I too remember Earl from middle school. He love playing the guitar and in the band. I am glad to hear he continued playing in bands after high school, but sad to hear he is no longer with us. Rest in Peace Earl.

04/27/09 04:36 PM #5    

John Perales

I remember Earl very clearly as I too am a musician. unfortunatly I didn't talk to him musch near the end and after High school but have cear memory of Wood Middle school and him being a musician. back then it was Brett Stein(guitar- Mastered guitar and was successfull according to Guitar mag.),Shane Preshong(Vocals- ALIEN NATION FAME), Earl Shuk, JJ Johnson (Drums- Now plays Drums for JOHN MAYER). those are the names I remember that played in rock bands allsince Middle School.

Spoke with a few of his friends on MYSPACE including SEAN (THE SINGER for Mumble Skinny) and it HURTS for everyone who new him. THe Name Mumble Skinny, If I remember Correctly came because EARL was sooo Skinny and he used to Mumble when he talked. Funny huh?

As a musician in my adult years who was inspired by musicians in my child hood, he will for sure, be missed and never forgoten.

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